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Studio Floorplan

There are windows between all the booths, so line of sight is available between performers. We are also able to set up in such a way that a band/group can record together live, but maintain the isolation that is expected from studio recordings.

'Live Room A' is a 50m2 room, featuring a vaulted double-height ceiling. This room has been purpose built to capture the perfect drum sound by John Wood.

'Live Room B' houses both our Yamaha C7 grand piano and our vintage Rogers upright piano. It is more of a close ambience, that provides a fantastic platform to capture our pianos or any acoustic instruments.

The vocal booth is has windows through to both Live Room A and B, and the 'Corner booth' has windows on both walls facing into the room.

The keyboard booth houses our vintage keys collection; Hammond B3, Wurlitzer, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet & Yamaha CP70. It is has a naturally more reflective ambience. The amp booth is simply that.

Floorplan for The Chairworks residential recordin st
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